Radical Leftist Group Takes Credit After Burger King, Asos, and HelloFresh Pull Ads from Rumble Over Russell Brand Videos

On Monday, Russell Brand used his podcast “Stay Free with Russell Brand” to discuss the potential arrest of former President Donald Trump and compared the allegations made towards Trump with the Steele dossier funded by Hillary Clinton. (Russell Brand / YouTube screen shot)

A number of large companies reportedly pulled their ads from Rumble late last week. This was after the free speech platform refused to take down Russell Brand videos.

Comedian Russell Brand was accused of rape, sexual abuse and emotional abuse from 2006 to 2013 according to The Times.

The abuse occurred over a decade ago and was just brought to light for some reason. Brand has not been charged with any crimes or found guilty of any crimes.

But the left hates him because he was red-pilled and is effective in destroying their crazy narratives so they want him silenced without a criminal trial.

The far-left The News Movement reported on the large companies pulling their ads off of Rumble.

On Saturday far left radicalis Nandini Jammi and her business partner Claire Atkin took credit for the attack on Rumble’s advertisers.

Jammi is a co-founder of Sleeping Giants. She was with the company until she



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