'Racial Justice' Advocates Demand $15 Billion In Reparations From Boston, 'White Churches' - EVOL

A group of religious leaders in Boston have demanded that both the city and “white churches” give more than $15 billion in reparations payments to the city’s black community. Far-left Boston Mayor Michelle Wu issued an official apology on behalf of the city for its “involvement in the Atlantic slave trade” in 2022, while the city has also commissioned a study on reparations.

Activist clergy members made the demands at the Resurrection Lutheran Church during an event organized by the Boston People’s Reparations Commission. One of the speakers was Reverend Kevin Peterson, who called on “white churches” to join with the group in demanding $15 billion in payments. “We call on the white church in Boston to join us in supporting a black reparations movement,” he said.

Demanding cash from “white churches” was a common theme throughout the event. “Today we call upon this city, its financiers, and its white churches to stop the shirking, stop the lying, tell the truth and pay what he is owed,” declared Reverend John Gibbons, drawing applause from other speakers.

“And we are coming, as Dr. King said, to get our check,” said another speaker.

Elsewhere in the press conference, Peterson outlined how the



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