Rachel Maddow Goes On Insane Rant Suggesting Trump Will Suspend Elections In America

In Monday’s episode of her show, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow went on what can only be described as an unhinged rant, suggesting that former President Donald Trump might suspend future elections in America. Maddow’s speculative monologue raised eyebrows, not just for its lack of evidence, but for its blatant fearmongering.

Maddow posed a series of hypothetical questions, asking, “If every election is a new opportunity for him to go to prison, do you think he allows us to have new elections?”

She continued, “I mean if Trump and his supporters see the stakes as losing and going to prison or winning and being president and probably president for life, how should we expect that he and the Republican Party and Republican officials in swing states are going to handle the conduct of that election that Trump may very well lose?”

The MSNBC host didn’t stop there. She went on to link her speculative political commentary to far-right violence.


Her comments seem more aimed at stoking fear and division than providing any substantive analysis.

It’s one thing to critique a political figure or party based on their actions or policies, but it’s quite another to engage in baseless speculation that



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