Putin: 'Biden Is Not Running the United States - Just a Facade' - EVOL

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly declared that the United States is being run behind the scenes by an unelected deep state.

In his upcoming interview with Tucker Carlson, Putin spoke openly about the “forces” that control America.

According to Putin, the American people are being misled into believing that Democrat President Joe Biden is running the country.

However, the Russian leader asserts that this is “just a facade.”

“President Joe Biden is not running the United States,” Putin reportedly told Carlson, according to AFP.

“The same forces which have always run it,” he continued, per reports.

“You may change presidents but you do not change those in real power.

“That is who we have to deal with.

“Joe Biden is just a facade for this power structure.”

As Slay News reported earlier, Carlson confirmed on Tuesday that he was in Moscow to interview Putin.

Carlson has also become the first prominent American media figure to speak with Putin in a formal interview since the Russian president began a full-scale military campaign against Ukraine almost two years ago.

The leading independent reporter confirmed that the full interview will be released shortly.

“We’re here to interview the president of Russia,



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