Protesters Assault, Interrupt Harvard Interim President at Alumni Day Speech – EVOL

Protesters interrupted Harvard University interim president Alan Garber Friday during “Alumni Day” proceedings in Harvard Yard, with one person storming the stage and dumping green glitter all over Garber as he delivered a speech.

Video of the proceedings appeared to have been taken offline, though not until Breitbart News saw the footage.

Garber was appointed after the resignation of Claudine Gay, whose short tenure was marred by prevarication over antisemitism, and a plagiarism scandal about her earlier academic publications. As he began his remarks, he was approached by a woman who screamed about “monkey labs” and threw green dust on him. Garber ducked but did not react otherwise.

Later, pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted Garber’s remarks, earning boos from some of the alumni present.

Last week’s Harvard commencement ceremony was marred by a speech that included antisemitic rhetoric.

Some Jewish alumni are boycotting the event in protest at Harvard’s weak response to antisemitism on campus.

Harvard is one of several universities that are the subject of investigations by the U.S. House of Representatives ant by the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division has not acted.

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