Prominent Bridge Engineer Says He's 'Not Surprised' About How Baltimore Bridge Collapsed – EVOL

A renowned British structural engineer specializing in bridge design says he was “not surprised” at the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge after a container ship named Dali heading to Sri Lanka, crashed into it and caused it to fall into the Patapsco River early Tuesday morning.

There should be a serious investigation into the horrifying tragedy of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland.

Is this an intentional attack or an accident?

Praying for the victims, survivors, and families 🙏

— Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 (@mtgreenee) March 26, 2024

After analyzing video of the bridge’s collapse, Ian Firth observed what seemed to be two defensive barriers in the water adjacent to the bridge, which are designed to shield maritime infrastructure from vessel impacts and are referred to as “dolphins,” the Washington Post reported.

Firth pointed out that because the Dali approached the Key Bridge “at an angle,” it rendered these protective measures ineffective in preventing the collision that resulted in the bridge’s collapse.


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