Professional Darts Player Takes Stand Against Biological Male Competing Against Women – EVOL

The latest chapter in an ongoing debate over the right of biological males to compete in women’s sports played out recently in Europe.

According to Fox News:

British female darts player Deta Hedman refused to play against a transgender competitor in the Denmark Open over the weekend and removed herself from the competition.

Hedman was set to face Noa-Lynn van Leuven in the quarterfinals of the tournament but opted not to play instead and forefeited. Hedman pushed back on reports she pulled out of the match due to an illness and also declined compensation she may have lost due to her decision.

“No fake illness I said I wouldn’t play a man in a ladies event,” Hedman wrote on X.

She added, “This subject causing much angst in the sport I love . People can be whoever they want in life but I don’t think biological born men should compete in Women’s sport.”

She has spoken out repeatedly in recent weeks to support the protection of women’s sports.

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