Pro-Hamas Students and Faculty Occupy NYC Campus Building as New Wave of Protests Launch – EVOL

New anti-Israel protests have erupted at The New School in New York City, with students and faculty members reportedly occupying a building on the institution’s campus.

The pro-Hamas protesters are reportedly attempting to get the school’s board of trustees to vote on divesting from companies supporting the Jewish State.

The occupation of the Welcome Center in Manhattan comes as two anti-Israel encampments have been ongoing at The New School.

One protest is led by students and the other by faculty.

A report by The New School Free Press student newspaper said the occupiers were letting people out of the building on Tuesday night.

However, they not letting anyone inside.

The New School has yet to issue a statement on the new protests.

The Welcome Center is the first stop on campus tours and houses multiple offices, including admissions.

Those occupying the Welcome Center have renamed the building the “Lama Jamous Center.”

The name is in reference to a 9-year-old girl who has been reporting on the war from inside Hamas-controlled Gaza, according to The New School Free Press.

They want the private university to divest from companies that are backing Israel.

The protesters are now hanging a Palestinian flag from



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