Pro-Hamas Protests Could ‘Escalate’ into ‘More Extreme’ ‘Summer of Protests’ Ahead of Elections, Report Warns – EVOL

The corporate media is warning that nationwide pro-Hamas protests could become more extreme ahead of the critical 2024 elections.

The Washington Post is warning that anti-Israel protests could ramp up as activists adopt more “extreme tactics” to increase pressure on Democrat President Biden as the election nears.

According to the report, Americans should brace for a “summer of protests” that will be “more extreme” than the current wave of demonstrations.

On Monday, anti-Israel agitators blocked traffic in San Francisco, Oakland, New York City, Philadelphia, and several other locations.

The road blockages are part of a campaign against the United States’ continued support for Israel in its war with Hamas terrorists.

These disruptions could “foreshadow a potentially volatile summer of protests, creating a challenge for President Biden and sparking debate over whether some activists’ tactics threaten to undermine public support for their movement,” The Post reported Wednesday.

“If this continues for another six months, I would expect that the types of tactics deployed do escalate and we do see more extreme protests,” Omar Wasow, an assistant professor of political science at the University of California, Berkeley, told the Post.

“There will become a more militant faction that advocates for more extreme tactics.”

One far-left organizer



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