Pro-Hamas Capitol Protesters Arrested for Trying to Shut Down National Christmas Tree Lighting

The Capitol Police were compelled to forcibly remove pro-Hamas protesters after they staged a demonstration to shut down the National Christmas Tree lighting.

The incident is yet another in a long line of disruptive actions carried out by the Hamas sympathizers.

Capitol Police remove #gaza protesters from Capitol tree lighting

— Andrew Leyden (@PenguinSix) November 28, 2023

Andrew Leyden, a freelance journalist, captured footage of the arrests.

Capitol Police arrest Gaza demonstrators at the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting.

— Andrew Leyden (@PenguinSix) November 28, 2023

A number of demonstrators shouted ‘ceasefire now, ceasefire now!’ outside the Christmas tree ceremony honoring the traditional birthdate of Jesus Christ.

🚨🚨Washington, D.C.

Radical leftists disrupt the annual Capitol Hill Christmas Tree lighting to demand a ceasefire.

Cheers to the police for making arrests.

Send them all to #Gaza

— Dapper Detective (@Dapper_Det) November 29, 2023

In mid-November, Pro-Palestine protesters clashed with police and surrounded the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters, forcing the evacuation of top Democratic lawmakers.

The police were called after some protesters attempted to enter the DNC building, resulting in clashes with Washington DC Metro Police.

Multiple arrests were reported as law enforcement



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