Pro-Abortion Groups Seek to Trigger Referendums in Another 9 States.

Abortionists and abortion advocates are pushing to trigger referendums on liberalizing terminations in a further nine states, building on their successes in states such as Ohio in recent months.

“We’ve already seen the power of direct democracy in seven states where campaigns to protect or restore abortion rights won resoundingly,” boasted the CEO of the political arm of Planned Parenthood, Alexis McGill Johnson. “Across the country, voters are eager to fight the tide of anti-abortion policies pushed by politicians,” she claimed.

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Pro-abortion activists are even pushing for referendums in states like Nevada, where the abortion limit is currently set at around 12 weeks with exceptions for cases involving incest, rape, and danger to the life of the mother. They want to increase the limit to the point of so-called “fetal viability,” around 24 weeks – despite the fact babies born as early as 21 weeks have survived.

Curtis was born 21 weeks prematurely and spent 275 days in the @uabmedicine RNICU. Today is another day to celebrate for Curtis and his #neonatology



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