Presidential Election Forecaster with Near-Perfect Record Makes Prediction for 2024 – EVOL

A forecaster with a near-perfect record in predicting every presidential election since 1984 has announced who he believes will win in November.

Allan Lichtman, a professor of history at American University in Washington D.C., has declared that he predicts Democrat President Joe Biden will win the 2024 election.

“A lot would have to go wrong” for Biden to lose to President Donald Trump in November, Lichtman claims.

He suggested that the public is being misled by corporate media polling that shows Trump leading in swing states.

The media has long been accused of using this tactic to create a false sense of security that leads voters to believe they don’t need to vote for a candidate that will easily win.

Lichtman devised a system, which he terms “13 Keys.”

He also wrote a book in the 1980s explaining the idea.

Lichtman says the technique enables him “to predict the outcome of the popular vote solely on historical factors and not the use of candidate-preference polls, tactics or campaign events.”

Despite polls showing Biden in trouble nationally and behind in several swing states, Lichtman believes it’s still in the Democrat president’s favor to retain office.

He notes that two of



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