Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows to File Lawsuit Over TikTok Ban ‘On Constitutional Grounds’ – EVOL

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate for president, has promised to file a lawsuit challenging the TikTok ban on “constitutional grounds.”

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed a bill into law that requires ByteDance, a Chinese-based company, to sell within nine months or face a ban.

“I’m going to file a lawsuit challenging the TikTok ban on Constitutional grounds,” Kennedy wrote on X.

“Don’t be fooled — the TikTok ban is not about China harvesting your data. That’s a smoke screen. Intelligence agencies from lots of countries, especially ours, are harvesting your data from everywhere all the time,” he added.

“TikTok isn’t even majority Chinese-owned, and the company agreed to put its data behind a U.S. firewall. The Biden administration rejected that deal,” he continued.

“Congress and the administration don’t understand that TikTok is an entrepreneurial platform for thousands of American young people. They want to screw them over just so they can pretend to be tough on China,” Kennedy said.

“The TikTok ban is yet another example of how neither political party has any compunctions about sacrificing your freedoms, rights, and choices when it serves their political interests,” the post concluded.

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