President Joe Biden is Losing Support Among Key Voters in Crucial Battleground States – EVOL

President Joe Biden is losing support among key voting demographics in crucial battleground states as a November matchup with former President Donald Trump draws nearer, according to recent polling data.

Biden has been receiving dismal poll numbers for months among crucial voting blocs that were key to his 2020 election, and he largely continues to lag behind Trump in national and swing-state surveys. Recent polls from Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina show that Biden’s margins with independents, young individuals, black voters and Hispanics are either smaller than they were last cycle, or Trump is now leading among some groups.

“In close states, every vote matters. Usually, independents are the ballgame,” Ron Faucheux, president of nonpartisan polling firm Clarus Research Group, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “These state polls reflect Biden’s weaknesses in national polling.”

An Arizona Emerson College survey released Wednesday found Trump leading Biden 53% to 47% among independents. The same pollster indicated Trump was ahead by six points with the group in Nevada, as well as eight points in Pennsylvania.

A Marist survey published on Wednesday for North Carolina suggested Trump was beating Biden 52% to 46% among independents. The former president is also four points ahead of Biden with the voting bloc



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