Powerful Democrat Abruptly QUITS – EVOL

According to a local television station, a Democratic representative from New Hampshire, who has served six terms, has announced that she will not run for re-election this year. Rep. Annie Kuster confirmed to WMUR-TV in Manchester that she intends to complete her current term and retire from the House when the 119th Congress is inaugurated in January.

“The congresswoman’s announcement sends a shockwave through New Hampshire politics, creating an open race for the 2nd Congressional District seat she has held since 2013,” the outlet reported.

“NH-02 covers a wide and diverse swath of the state from Nashua to the Canadian border, and it’s possible several Democrats will step forward to run,” it explained.

Kuster, aged 67, has been at the helm of the New Democrat Coalition, a faction characterized by the outlet as “centrist” and “pro-business” – terms not commonly associated with any politician bearing a “D” in recent times.

Kuster confirmed to WMUR that she will maintain her leadership of the group, although it remains uncertain whether she intends to lead it for the duration of her current term or beyond. The former possibility could be inferred from Kuster’s expressed desire for a life with her family, separate



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