Pope: ‘Deniers of Climate Change’ Are ‘Foolish’ – EVOL

Liberal Pope Francis has declared that “deniers of claim change” are “foolish” because “they don’t understand the situation” regarding “global warming.”

In a new interview, the head of the Catholic Church insisted that “climate change exists” while blasting those who don’t believe globalists’ “research.”

The pope made the comments to CBS Evening News in an interview that aired this week.

Francis decried those described as “deniers of climate change” by CBS’s Norah O’Donnell.

“There are people who are foolish,” the 87-year-old Pontiff responded.

The so-called “climate change deniers” are “foolish even if you show them research,” he blasted.

“They don’t believe it,” he added.

“Why? Because they don’t understand the situation or because of their interest, but climate change exists.”


According to Pope Francis, “climate change deniers” are “foolish”.

Does anybody even deny that the climate is changing? The climate has ALWAYS changed. What people dispute is the assertion that human-induced CO2 emissions are the driving force behind climate change, and that we… pic.twitter.com/yoG3AM8OIe

— Wide Awake Media (@wideawake_media) April 27, 2024

The comments from Francis, who is not a scientist, are surprising considering the growing body of evidence that disputes his claims.

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