Polling Shows Trump Crushing Nikki Haley in Her Home State of South Carolina – EVOL

President Donald Trump is crushing his GOP “challenger” Nikki Haley in her home state, according to the results of a poll conducted on Monday.

The South Carolina roots of former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley are irrelevant to the vast majority of the state’s potential Republican primary voters when they are evaluating whether or not to support their former governor in the nomination process that will take place the following week.

According to a study conducted by CBS News and YouGov, only twenty percent of South Carolinians believe that the fact that Haley is from the state makes them more inclined to vote for her, as The Daily Caller reported.

In contrast, five percent of respondents indicated the opposite, and seventy-five percent said it does not make a difference.

In the same study, it was discovered that 89 percent of the potential voters for the Republican primary were more concerned about national concerns than they were about local issues before the race on February 24.

During the poll, President Trump enjoyed a 35-point advantage against Haley in her native state of South Carolina, where she had previously won two elections for the position of governor.

The overwhelming majority of supporters



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