POLITICO’s Przybyla: Other than Hunter’s Own Words, GOP Doesn’t Have Evidence Against Joe

On Friday’s edition of PBS’s “Washington Week with The Atlantic,” Politico National Investigative Correspondent Heidi Przybyla stated that the only documentation Republicans have for the claims behind the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden “is a family cell phone plan” and Hunter Biden’s own words in “some text messages that Hunter sent while he was addicted to crack cocaine.”

Washington Post Early 202 co-author and Washington Post Live host Leigh Ann Caldwell stated that there isn’t any evidence President Biden took a bribe or used his power to benefit his son, adding, “there are some Republicans who wanted to impeach President Biden because of this yesterday. But most Republicans say — including House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) — we need to continue to investigate. We have found some smoking guns. And while there’s no direct connection yet, that is the reason we need to open an impeachment inquiry and need to keep investigating. But there is absolutely no evidence yet. There are some people who have come forward that the Republicans thought would maybe be able to draw that connection. It’s one of — Devon Archer, who is one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, and the transcripts of that



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