PODCAST: Donald Trump’s Libertarian Sang-Froid. – EVOL

WASHINGTON, DC—President Donald J. Trump strolled onto the stage, cool as a cucumber. The crowd was rowdy, the libertarians raging at their own political impotence, but still, it scarcely stirred The Donald.

How does a man like that stay so calm under such pressure? Simple: sang froid.

Raheem Kassam discusses his night at the Libertarian Party Convention at the Washington Hilton on Saturday night, comparing it to prior such events over the past 10 years and illustrating its potential impact on the 2024 election.


Well, you may have heard yesterday that President Donald Trump was in Washington, DC, a rare visit to the nation’s capital to address something, I think, an even more rare occasion, the Libertarian Party convention at the Washington Hilton, also known as the Hinckley Hilton.

That is where, of course, President Reagan, there was an assassination attempt on him there many years ago. And funny story. It’s not that funny. I couldn’t remember the name of the hotel when I was ubering over there yesterday afternoon in preparation for our coverage of, of the speech last night. But I just ended up typing into my Google maps, Hinkley Hilton. And it directed me exactly there. See, I told you



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