Planet Fitness Memberships Plummet Over Man Shaving in Women’s Locker Room – EVOL

Membership numbers for Planet Fitness have plummeted after a female customer drew national attention to a man shaving in the women’s locker room under the company’s transgender policy.

As Slay News reported in March, Patricia Silva, a female member of Planet Fitness in Alaska, was shocked to find a middle-aged man shaving in the mirror of the women’s locker room.

Silva said the man, who claimed to be “transgender,” refused to leave, despite the locker room supposedly being a safe space for women and girls to change.

She also posted a description of the incident on social media, as the Daily Mail reported:

“I went to Planet Fitness… Walked in the bathroom, and there stands a MAN shaving…

“I looked at him, said ‘hey’ …

“He looked up… and I said, ‘You are a man shaving in the women’s bathroom, and I am not OK with that.’

“He replied… ‘Well, I’m LGB…’

“Whatever that is… nevertheless, I told him ‘You’re a MAN and you’re invading my space!’

“He wanted to argue to justify why he can be there… I walked away…” she said.

“I stepped out of the locker room and loudly asked the front desk, ‘Are you aware that



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