Philly Pride Parade and Free Palestine Protesters Clash (VIDEOS) – EVOL

Philadelphia’s streets are in turmoil as the city’s annual Gay Pride Parade, marking its 52nd year, clashes with Free Palestine protesters. In a bizarre twist, members of the LGBTQ community are out in force, proudly displaying their support for Palestine. However, the harsh reality is that in Palestine and other Muslim-majority countries, being gay can be a death sentence. It’s baffling to witness this alliance when the very people they’re supporting would, under their laws, imprison or execute them for their lifestyle. And apparently, they didn’t take kindly to sharing their protest venue.

Videos circulating on Twitter purportedly show the chaotic scenes currently unfolding on the streets. It’s a spectacle of confusion and contradiction as pride attendees rally for a cause that fundamentally opposes their existence. Check out the following social media posts, which allegedly show the Free Palestine protesters and pride parade participants clashing.

Free Palestine Protesters blocking Philly Pride Parade 11th and Locust Streets

— PhillyChitChat (@HughE_Dillon) June 2, 2024

BREAKING: Free Palestine protesters block Philly Pride Parade

— Jack Poso 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) June 2, 2024

Tense moments at Philly Pride Parade as Pro-Palestine protesters were seen blocking the path of the LGBTQ+



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