Pfizer Whistleblower: Elites Received 'Safe' Covid Jabs 'Separate' to 'Death Shots' for Public – EVOL

A brave whistleblower has leaked internal documents from Pfizer that revealed the company provided “safe” Covid vaccinations for elites which were promised to be “separate” from the batches of “death shots” that were given to the general public.

It’s now evident that multiple experiments were conducted on the global population under the pretense of “vaccination.”

A Pfizer whistleblower leaked a company email explicitly stating that the COVID-19 vaccines offered to Pfizer employees were “separate and distinct” from the COVID-19 mRNA “death shots” offered to the general public.

The email, dated January 8, 2021, addresses Pfizer employees and contractors at Pfizer’s Pearl River research site in Rockland County, New York.

The email begins: “I am pleased to inform you that we will begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible on-site essential colleagues and contractors over the next several weeks.”

“Eligible on-site essential contractors will be notified, either by e-mail or by their Pfizer sponsor, and will receive instructions for registering for an on-site appointment as well,” the email read.

“The vaccine doses to be used for this program are separate and distinct from those committed by Pfizer to governments around the world and will not impact supply to national governments in any



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