Pfizer Whistleblower: Covid Shots Were Spiked with Deadly Poisons – EVOL

A former Pfizer employee has come forward to blow the whistle with explosive allegations, issuing a red alert to the public that the company’s Covid mRNA shots were spiked with deadly poisons.

Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee has leaked bombshell information from the company’s database.

McAtee, who worked for Pfizer for around ten years, uncovered evidence from a laboratory in Spain showing that up to a third of Covid injection vials were spiked with poisonous graphene oxide.

Graphene oxide is toxic to humans and poses a devastating risk to public health.

McAtee worked for Pfizer while their covid mRNA products were in development. When she became aware of the problems taking place in her facility, McAtee became a whistle-blower.

From communications among staff about contaminants in the injections to blacked-out windows when the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) inspectors made their rounds, she refused to stay silent when the injectables were set to be rolled out to the public.

On CHD.TV’s  ‘Doctors & Scientists last week, Melissa McAtee laid out all she collected, observed, and discovered in the process of digging up the truth about the Big Pharma giant.

During the interview, she discussed the presence of graphene oxide in covid injections.




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