Peter Doocy Roasts KJP Over Fire Alarm Stunt, Asks if Biden Would ‘Ever Get Out of a Meeting By Pulling a Fire Alarm?’

Fox News Peter Doocy today roasted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre over the stunt pulled by U.S. House Rep Jamaal Bowman (D-NY).

During a White House press briefing, Doocy asked Jean-Pierre, “Would President Biden ever get out of a meeting by pulling a fire alarm?”

The question elicited a smirk from Jean-Pierre as other reporters in the room could be heard snickering in the background.

“Are you talking about something specific here?” Jean-Pierre wondered in response.

Doocy then explained, “A Democratic member of Congress pulled a fire alarm around a series of votes, no fire. Is that appropriate?”

Jean-Pierre then dodged the question as usual by telling Doocy, “What I can tell you is I have spoken to the president about this so I am not going to comment.”

“I know there is a House process moving forward right now, I’ll leave it to the House,” Jean-Pierre concluded.

Axios reported earlier today that the turmoil around Bowman pulling a House office building alarm is raging as his staff tried to rally fellow Democrats around a defense.

The Capitol Police are continuing to investigate Bowman and U.S. House Rep Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) has introduced a resolution to expel him from



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