Perry Shreds ‘No Evidence’ Talking Point Surrounding Biden Impeachment Inquiry: ‘There’s A Mountain Of It’

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry appeared on Newsmax’s The Record With Greta Van Susteren to discuss the impeachment inquiry into President Biden. The Freedom Caucus member thoroughly rejected claims that the inquiry lacks evidence, pointing to bank records.

Van Susteren began by asking Perry who he believes will be the targets of subpoenas from congressional investigators. “Well I think we would like to talk to Hunter Biden, but probably folks like Tony Bobulinski and maybe James Biden. There is a whole host of people I think that we would like to bring in,” Perry said.

“We’ve got quite the laundry list of folks that we want to bring in and see what they have to say about the documentation we have, if they want to corroborate that or explain some of that,” he went on to say.

Van Susteren then stated that explaining how the Biden family received tens-of-millions of dollars from foreign governments will present a difficult hurdle for the administration. Perry agreed, saying, “That’s what I would call the probable cause and there’s a mountain of it.”

“20-million-dollars in unexplained wealth. We don’t know what the product or the service that was provided from the Biden family for that



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