Pennsylvania County Experiences GLARING Voting Machine Issue

This is yet another friendly reminder that the voting machines need to be thrown out and never used again.

Northampton County, Pennsylvania experienced glaring voting machine issues during the elections last month, as reported by multiple voters and concerned citizens.

According to reports from voters, the machines were flipping votes in certain races, most notably the race for the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Additionally, voters reported discrepancies in the recording of their votes.

Apparently, the issue was widespread, affecting numerous townships across the county. Chuck Callesto had more:

“Numerous voting machines across different districts in Northampton County have malfunctioned, with issues including vote flipping and improper recording.

The affected locations include Palmer Township, Bethany Wesleyan Church in Lehigh Township, College Hill Presbyterian Church in Easton, and the Allen Township Fire Hall.

Issues with the voting machines were specifically observed in the retention race for the Pennsylvania Superior Court, involving Judge Jack Panella and Judge Victor Stabile, where votes were being incorrectly flipped.

PRESS RELEASE: “It appears that when a voter selects a “Yes” or a “No” for one of the candidates for retention to the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the selection is recorded on the paper ballot and on the machine for



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