Pelosi Becomes One of Latest Dems to Turn on Menendez So Party Can ‘Stay Focused’ on Smearing GOP

There is no shortage of Democrats lining up to say that New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez should resign after his second bribery indictment in under a decade. However, to really stare into the true motives of why the Democrats are lining up against the Garden State Democrat, one need only look at the motives of former House speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

It’s not that Menendez reportedly had hundreds of thousands of dollars in his home when authorities searched it, or that those looking to exert influence over him gave him cars and bars of gold. I mean, that does look kinda bad, right?

It looks worse when he says that investigators and the public have simply “misrepresented the normal work of a congressional office.” And it looks positively cataclysmic when he played the race card, saying he was staying in his seat and those requesting he resign were “rushing to judge a Latino and push him out of his seat.”

According to The Associated Press, as of late Tuesday, roughly half of Senate Democrats had called on him to resign. On Monday, Pelosi had, too. Not because things look especially bad, though: Her reasoning was that the party needs to



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