Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Blames Democratic Policies for His Son’s Fentanyl Overdose Claiming They ‘Let’ the Crisis Happen. – EVOL

Rick Harrison, the star of the hit TV show Pawn Stars, is criticizing Joe Biden’s massive failures at the border in the wake of his son’s death from a fentanyl overdose.

Harrison’s son, Adam, who wasn’t involved in his father’s TV program, passed away at the age of 39 due to a drug overdose on January 19th.

Currently, in an interview with Fox News, the 59-year-old TV star praised Donald Trump and criticized the current politicians in charge, accusing them of being “complicit” in the millions of fentanyl-related deaths occurring in this country.

“He’s an incredible individual. He wants to do something about this,” Harrison said of Trump and his desire to end the flow of fentanyl coming across the border by drug-running criminals.

“There’s so many different places you have to start at, all at once, but one of the major ones is get the damn stuff out of the country and stop making it so cheap to get high,” Harrison continued.

“My understanding is it’s like $5 to buy a fentanyl pill. Anybody can afford it. I mean, make it difficult,” he said.

“Let’s start arresting the people selling it, arresting the people bringing it over the



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