Patriotic Student Explains Why He ‘Protected Old Glory from Marxist Horde’ of Protesters: ‘I’d Die for This Flag’ – EVOL

A North Carolina student has responded after he and several of his college friends were seen protecting an American flag from a “Marxist horde” on their campus while getting assaulted by the mob of pro-Hamas protesters.

One of the patriotic students, Dan Stompel, said the protesters would have had to yank the flag from him over his “dead body.”

Anti-Israel protesters targeted the American flag on The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s quad on Tuesday.

The flag had been flying at half-mast after four Charlotte officers were killed in the line of duty.

At one point, the anti-Israel protesters tore down Old Glory and replaced it with a Palestinian flag.

However, this move enraged patriotic students and inspired members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity to take action.

“I don’t understand how people can act like this,” said Stompel, a junior studying political science at the university.

Stompel was one of over a few dozen students who stood up to a huge mob of hundreds as they tried to desecrate the American flag.

In response, Stompel and his fellow classmates surrounded the flag and held onto to it for over an hour until police were able to clear the protest and



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