Patriotic and Enlightened: Alternative Systems in Focus

Education and Finance

One has been quiet lately. Sometimes it is hard to express anything useful in a time when things are obviously bad to an overwhelming array of people (from all walks of life and from all political stripes). That one can’t get their well-paid and high-powered political, bureaucratic and corporate interests to do logical things towards keeping the Age of Reason and Enlightenment alive. And, of course, that has been discussed by so many – the world agenda afoot, the climate con being run. From those discussions had, the ultimate conclusion drawn is: those aforementioned groups are compromised and corrupted to ignore the long-standing framework of Western ethics to explicitly hustle their ideological ends and to ignore (and hell-be-damned-to-those-that-oppose-them) the lesser-titled human beings who do not share their Marxist-Fascist, cult-like world agendas. This writer is working to tell that story in full – earlier iterations exist of that trek – and while the high-level is routinely expressed by smarter and more influential folks (below), the present and pressing opportunity is to offer solutions (alternatives) to this global agenda.

Fragile Beginnings of The Resistance

Many have begun this path already through creating a marketplace locator, title lock on homes, or moving



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