Pathologist: DNA Contamination in Covid Shots Behind Sudden Deaths

A renowned pathologist has warned that the contamination of DNA found in Covid mRNA shots is responsible for the soaring numbers of turbo cancers, blood clots, cardiac arrests, and sudden deaths.

Clinical pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has said that DNA contamination in some COVID-19 vaccines is related to an increase in serious illness and skyrocketing mortality rates.

“My big concern is the fact that billions of people across the earth have received a product that was overtly contaminated with something that should not have been in the product,” Dr. Cole, an anatomic clinical pathologist with postgraduate Ph.D. training in immunology, recently told the “American Thought Leaders” program.

“If I went and bought some meat at the grocery store and they had heavy metal or pesticide toxins, they would pull those from the shelves immediately,” he added.

Recently, researchers found that vaccine vials containing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines had billions of residual DNA fragments, including molecules derived from Simian Virus 40 (SV40) used as “promoters” or “enhancers” that help produce the mRNA molecules that help human cells make proteins that trigger an immune response inside the body.

Monkey Virus ‘Enhancers’ in Vaccines

SV40 is a monkey polyomavirus that has been linked to cancer in laboratory animals.



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