Over 1000 Venezuelan Illegal Aliens Arrested for Committing Crimes in Chicago during 1st Quarter – EVOL

The latest crime figures have revealed the devastating impact on Chicago from floods of illegal aliens arriving in the Democrat-controlled “sanctuary city.”

During the first three months of this year alone, over 1,000 illegal aliens from Venezuela were arrested for committing crimes in Chicago.

The news comes amid widespread outrage over additional taxpayer money being used to feed and shelter illegal border crossers.

In the first quarter of 2024, Venezuelan illegal aliens were recorded in the crime figures for:

609 arrests for driving/traffic offenses 9 violent felonies 75 violent misdemeanors 313 other offenses listed as non-violent 9 other crimes listed as unknown or not listed

The figures were revealed in an analysis of the city’s crime and arrest data by The Chicago Tribune.

The data is limited to adults arrested by Chicago police and does not include juveniles or anyone arrested by another agency.

The arrest data also does not say when those Venezuelan nationals arrived in the United States.

However, Chicago, like many other “sanctuary” cities and states, has been flooded with illegal aliens under Democrat President Joe Biden’s open border polcies.

The report comes as there are continued signs of agitation and anger at the



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