Outcry as Police Cover Up Information in Death of Obama Chef, Including Unidentified Woman with Him

If Barack and Michelle Obama were actually trying to build up conspiracy theories around the still-murky death of the family’s personal chef in July, they couldn’t be doing a much better job.

As the Boston Herald reported on Tuesday, the office of the Massachusetts Medical Examiner last week officially ruled the death of Tafari Campbell an accidental drowning, but so little information has been released about the circumstances that First Amendment advocates and conservative critics are engaged in an outrcry over what is still being withheld.

And there’s plenty to make the most fair-minded observers suspicious.

Campbell, 45, was found dead July 24, a day after disappearing while paddle boarding in Edgardtown Great Pond near the Obama estate on tony Martha’s Vineyard.

BREAKING: Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell’s cause of death has been released after he was found dead outside of Obama’s estate last month.

According to MA Office of Public Safety & Security spokesman Timothy McGuirk, Campbell’s death has officially been ruled a drowning &… pic.twitter.com/kLqvLYhYtF

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) August 23, 2023

That’s obviously a tragedy for Tafari, who left behind a widow and twin sons. But drowning accidents happen every day, even in enclaves for



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