Operation MetaPhile: AG Puts Blame On Meta For Enabling Child Predator – EVOL

Another undercover operation is underway against the wave of pedos that keep appearing.

This one is entitled Operation MetaPhile, and they focus on using Meta’s sites, Facebook and Instagram.

Turns out those two sites aren’t doing much to prohibit groomers and predators from going after the kids.

In fact, you might say they’re encouraging it and giving them a helping hand in their search for children and for marketing their corrupt material.

Attorney General Raúl Torrez doesn’t beat around the bush.

He calls out Meta and says they’re to blame for this predators lurking on their sites.

Undercover operation nets arrests as @NewMexicoDOJ Attorney General Raúl Torrez blames @Meta for online predators. The arrests come as New Mexico pursues its civil lawsuit against the social media giant. https://t.co/bp4HB00FY2 pic.twitter.com/mW0olrGwg9

— Susan Montoya Bryan (@SMBNewMexico) May 8, 2024

Three men have been arrested and charged with sexually preying on children via Meta’s social networks in New Mexico, the state’s attorney general announced on Wednesday.
The arrests stemmed from an investigation into the potential harm to children caused by Facebook, Instagram… pic.twitter.com/l9kzSGISxp

— Qᴀɢɢ.ɴᴇᴡꜱ (@qaggnews) May 9, 2024

CBS News reports:

Police were waiting at a motel room in Gallup, New



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