Oops: Pelosi’s Words from 2019 Are Now Being Used Against Democrats in Biden Impeachment Push

All is fair in politics and impeachment. This time, it is the Democrats’ feathers that are ruffled.

As House Speaker Kevin McCarthy officially announced the House’s intention to investigate President Joe Biden, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi must have regretted her decision to forgo a House impeachment vote in 2019 in the case of President Trump. So excited was she to commence an inquiry leading to a Trump impeachment, she forgot herself, it seems.

Now, the Democrats are getting their just deserts. As Pelosi so flippantly dismissed McCarthy’s formal request for an impeachment inquiry vote back then, McCarthy is now doing the same to the former speaker and her Democratic counterparts. President Joe Biden’s fate is now at the mercy of a Republican majority.

McCarthy is demonstrating the danger of using momentary power advantageously to both parties. Unfortunately, for the Democrats, it’s their turn to squirm. With the pressure he is receiving from his own party, he’s not backing down.

Democrats might be wishing for a do-over right about now. Certainly, what the party faces in the revelations compelling the impeachment inquiry to commence won’t be comfortable for any of them. Without a doubt, it won’t be comfortable for the Biden



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