Oliver Anthony Turns Down $8 Million Deals from Corporate Music Executives

Music sensation Oliver Anthony revealed that he has turned down a whopping $8 million in recording deals from corporate music industry executives.

The breakout country star revealed the offers in a statement he posted to address his millions of new fans and supporters.

Anthony became an overnight global star after he posted his anti-Washington D.C. swamp song “Rich Men North of Richmond” on social media.

The singer-songwriter has since topped the iTunes charts.

Meanwhile, his bitter left-wing critics have tried to dredge up his past to undermine his popularity.

Anthony responded to some of the controversy surrounding his song in a statement he posted to Facebook on Thursday.

“It’s been difficult as I browse through the 50,000+ messages and emails I’ve received in the last week,” he wrote.

“The stories that have been shared paint a brutally honest picture.

“Suicide, addiction, unemployment, anxiety and depression, hopelessness, and the list goes on.”

He said that he has rejected offers worth millions of dollars.

“I don’t want 6 tour buses, 15 tractor-trailers, and a jet,” Anthony wrote.

“I don’t want to play stadium shows, I don’t want to be in the spotlight.

“I wrote the music I wrote because I was suffering with mental



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