Oliver Anthony Cancels Tennessee Concert over High Ticket Prices: ‘Not Acceptable’

Blue-collar country music sensation Oliver Anthony has canceled a concert in Tennessee after discovering how much fans were being charged for tickets.

The “Rich Men North of Richmond” singer-songwriter abruptly canceled the show he had scheduled for September 27.

The event was booked at the Cotton Eyed Joe nightclub in Knoxville, Tennessee.

“Cotton Eyed Joe has been cancelled [sic],” the hit musician shared with fans on Facebook Monday night.

“Ultimately, it’s my fault for not being more directly involved with the venues who have reached out.

“My plate has been full and I delegated the responsibility to someone else to help me book.

“I am not pointing fingers at Cotton Eyed Joe, I don’t know where the miscommunication took place.

“I’m just upset seeing those prices.”

“We will find another place in Knoxville area that can do $25 ticket and free meet and greet,” Anthony continued.

”I will work to get your tickets refunded from my own budget if they can’t.

“This will never happen again,” he vowed.

“Thanks for your patience.

“I am still learning how all of this works.”

Anthony posted a similar message on his official Instagram page.

“Don’t buy $90 Cotton Eyed Joe tickets or $200



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