Oklahoma State Superintendent Exposes Drag Queen Principal With Shady Past, Finally Resigns - EVOL

Are you tired of the never-ending struggle to find time to take your kids to drag queen story hour at the library?

Do you feel like your schedule is overflowing, leaving you with no room for those essential trips to hear bearded-men in makeup reading and leering at your children?

Well, say goodbye to the headaches and hello to convenience as we introduce you to Drag Queen Principal!

No more stressing about fighting past pesky patriots protesting so your kid can see the transvestites in action.

Your child will now have daily access to witness the drag queen’s creepy antics with Drag Queen Principal!

Perhaps even win a trip to the principal’s office.

Well, it turns out the parents of students attending John Glenn Elementary School weren’t too happy to find out that their kid’s principal, Shane Murnan, was also a transvestite.

Apparently if you don’t take the kids to the drag queens, the drag queens will come to the kids.

Drag queens don’t belong in the classroom. This is common sense. @libsoftiktok pic.twitter.com/Efnk3yOeuj

— Superintendent Ryan Walters (@RyanWaltersSupt) February 2, 2024

ABC News reports:

A local principal is leaving his school after he was called



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