O’Keefe Goes Undercover in Lahaina; Maui Law Enforcement Tells Journalists Governor Has Prohibited Photography on Public Land Near Burn Zone (VIDEO)

O’Keefe Media Group went undercover in Maui this week to check out the burn zone after wildfires destroyed Lahaina.

In early August 2023 a wild fire ripped across Maui. Hundreds were lost in the fire or are still missing.

A recent report from the Hawaii State Department of Education shows that there are more than 2,000 children who are unaccounted for in the public school system.

They’re still digging up charred corpses in the ashes.

James O’Keefe and a few of his journalists went to Lahaina to see what is going on at the burn zone.

Maui police and sheriffs told OMG journalists that Hawaii’s Democrat Governor Josh Green has prohibited photography on public land.

Officers told O’Keefe he would be arrested if he took photographs of the burn zone.

“OMG files lawsuit against Hawaii Gov to invalidate the criminalization of protected First Amendment activity and to also strip Maui County of any ability to criminally charge anyone who exercises their First Amendment rights,” O’Keefe said.


O’KEEFE UNDERCOVER IN LAHAINA PART 1: Maui police and sheriffs tell Journalists Governor has prohibited photography on public land.

Hawaii National Guard says Maui police and Sheriffs are “assholes” who



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