Ohio Still Has No Plan to Include Biden’s Name on Ballot in November – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden’s name is currently not slated to be on Ohio’s presidential election ballot and the state has no plan to fix the issue before November.

Ohio lawmakers have yet to come up with a solution for the situation and the state legislature did not remedy it before adjourning.

In Ohio, state law requires both parties to certify their nominees for president and vice president 90 days before Election Day.

For this election cycle, Election Day falls on November 5.

However, the scheduling for the Democratic National Convention is such that Biden will not be officially nominated by his party until August 22.

This means he will not be nominated until just 75 days before Election Day, which is too late to be included on Ohio’s ballot.

Earlier this year, Alabama also encountered a similar problem.

Nevertheless, the state’s Republican supermajority easily resolved the problem earlier this month to ensure Biden appears on the ballot.

Yet, in Ohio, lawmakers have yet to resolve the situation, and time is running out.

Both the House and Senate in the Buckeye State have passed resolutions to address the problem.

Neither of those bills advanced during the May 8 session, however.



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