Ohio State House Higher Education Committee Passes Bill to Protect Women's Sports – EVOL

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Biden regime proudly announced that women will be forced to allow men in their locker rooms and bathrooms with a new 1577-page Title IX ruling.

Because the Biden Regime won’t do it, lawmakers in states throughout the country have been stepping up to protect women and girls.

In Ohio, the Ohio House Higher Education Committee passed House Bill 183  , which mandates that Ohio K-12 schools and colleges enforce bathroom and locker room usage based on students’ sex assigned at birth.

The Ohio Capital-Journal reports:

State Reps. Beth Lear, R-Galena, and Adam Bird, R-New Richmond, introduced House Bill 183 which would require Ohio K-12 schools and colleges to mandate that students could only use the bathroom or locker room that matches their sex assigned at birth. It would also prohibit schools from allowing students to share overnight accommodations with the opposite sex.

HB 183 now awaits further consideration in the House, which is next scheduled to be in session April 24.

Proponents argue that HB 183 addresses safety concerns, while critics contend it discriminates against transgender individuals. State Rep. Gayle Manning expressed hope for further discussions on the bill but ultimately voted in



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