Ohio Doctor Reinstated after Being Smeared as ‘Conspiracy Theorist,’ Stripped of Medical License for Covid Shot Warnings – EVOL

An Ohio doctor has had her medical license reinstated after it was stripped for raising concerns about the risks associated with Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny drew national attention in 2021 when she told state legislators that Covid shots posed a risk to public health.

Her warning led to an investigation by Ohio State Medical Board and she was smeared as a “conspiracy theorist.”

In August 2023, Tenpenny was stripped of her medical license over claims she was refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

Finally, the Ohio State Medical Board has now voted to restore Tenpenny’s license.

However, the board ordered Tenpenny to pay a $3,000 fine and cooperate with investigators in return for her license being restored.

Tenpenny, an osteopathic doctor, has been licensed in Ohio since 1984.

She drew national attention in 2021 when she testified before a state legislative panel in support of a measure that would block vaccine requirements and mask mandates.

During her remarks, Tenpenny warned that Covid mRNA shots posed a risk of serious side effects and interfered with women’s menstrual cycles.

Roughly 350 complaints were soon filed about Tenpenny with the medical board.

The board regulates physicians and can discipline them for making “false” or



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