Obama to Attend Another Glitzy Celebrity-Packed Fundraiser for Biden in LA – EVOL

Former President Barack Obama is on the guest list for an upcoming Biden 2024 fundraiser in Los Angeles.

The exclusive star-studded fundraiser, which is planned for mid-June, features Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney and Julia Roberts, NBC reported.

The news is the latest sign that Democrat President Joe Biden’s campaign is leaning on Obama.

Team Biden appears to be hoping that the Democratic Party’s wealthy power base will push the president over the finish line, as he struggles to draw enthusiasm for his re-election bid.

Clooney and Roberts will use a “contest” gimmick on social media to generate buzz among small-dollar donors as well as famous surrogates, NBC said.

The actors’ names will also feature in campaign emails and texts.

Biden also has a fundraiser planned with Bill and Hillary Clinton on the East Coast in the summer.

Biden held a fundraiser in New York City in March featuring Obama and Bill Clinton that raised $26 million, a record for Democrats.

The event was panned by critics as elitist and tone-deaf, however.

On the same day, President Donald Trump traveled to neighboring Long Island for the funeral of a New York City cop who was shot dead in the line



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