OANN Host Reveals Democrats Tried to Shut Down Network after 2020 Election: ‘They Came after Us’ – EVOL

One America News Network’s (OANN) host Dan Ball has revealed that Democrats launched a campaign to destroy and shut down the network after the 2020 election.

Ball detailed the effects during a Wednesday interview with Tucker Carlson.

He said that Democrats “came after us” over OANN’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop, the pandemic, and Covid vaccines and the side effects.

Ball appeared on Carlson’s show on Twitter to discuss his claims that Democrats sought to shut down the network during 2021 and 2022.

Carlson began by asking Ball how the issue started.

The OANN host described the network’s reporting on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, which was first reported on by the New York Post.

“So that’s when it really started, okay?” Ball stated.

“They looked at us and went ‘Oh, my God, these guys are going to interfere with the election’ because we’re spitting truth to power.

“We’re telling you this laptop is real.

“The big guy is Joe Biden. He’s taking 10% he’s used his family and his influence to make millions to enrich himself.

“Well, they didn’t like that very much.”

“And then, of course, Covid,” Ball continued.

“We’re in the middle of Covid.

“We busted through



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