NZ Vax Whistleblower Drops More Truth Bombs after Arrest

After his arrest for exposing secret government data on the mass Covid vaccine-related deaths in New Zealand, whistleblower Barry Young is doubling down and releasing even more truth bombs.

Barry Young was a data administrator for the Ministry of Health in New Zealand (NZ) and had access to many people’s vaccination data.

He turned whistleblower on the 30th of November, due to his concern with what the statistics were showing.

By Saturday his alarming disclosure went viral worldwide and on Sunday his home was surrounded by police, his home was raided and finally he was arrested.

The NZ government was said to have been “left scrambling” to cover this event up by limiting media coverage in New Zealand and even claiming they have injunctions to prevent all internet providers from sharing this data release.

Mr Young appeared in court on Monday the 4th of December, where he received “rapturous” applause from many supporters who packed out the court gallery.

He, however, was not released on bail but was held in an NZ prison for a second night and only released on Tuesday.

The New Zealand government is claiming and charging Barry Young with “accessing a computer system” for “dishonest purposes.”



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