NYC to Slash Overtime Pay for Police to Fund Biden’s Migrant Crisis

New York City is slashing overtime pay for police in an effort to fund the response to Democrat President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis.

The move comes despite the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) complaints of understaffing.

The administration of NYC’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has informed the city’s police, fire, corrections, and sanitation departments that they must submit an overtime pay reduction plan.

City Hall will now begin tracking progress on efforts to slash pay each month.

However, police unions warn that the plan will make the crime-infested city more dangerous by reducing the number of cops on patrol.

“It is going to be impossible for the NYPD to significantly reduce overtime unless it fixes its staffing crisis,” the head of the Police Benevolent Association, Patrick Hendry, told the New York Post.

“We are still thousands of cops short, and we’re struggling to drive crime back to pre-2020 levels without adequate personnel.”

“If City Hall wants to save money without jeopardizing public safety, it needs to invest in keeping experienced cops on the job,” he added.

The Adams administration’s plan also implements a hiring freeze.

City Hall confirmed it sent a memo notifying various agencies of the change, but



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