NYC Receives $106 Million in Federal Tax Dollars to Cover Migrant Costs – EVOL

New York City has just received $106 million in federal taxpayer money as a “reimbursement” for soaring illegal migrant costs.

The massive payout was announced by Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in a post on X.

NYC will receive a fresh $106M from feds to reimbursement for migrant costs,” Schumer wrote.

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration officials argue that the payment is part of an aid package that was “delayed.”

Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services (HHS) Anne Williams-Isom said that the $106 million is a delayed portion of a larger $150 million aid package promised last summer.

During a press conference, Williams-Isom said:

“We appreciate the productive collaboration of our federal partners, and we’ll continue to work closely with them so money can be released.

“We will continue to advocate for significantly more support, as well as for comprehensive immigration reform.”

Schumer also took a swipe at Republicans while announcing the funds.

He falsely argued that GOP lawmakers are blocking the “strong, bipartisan border bill.”

In his post on X, Schumer wrote:

“Now Republicans must stop blocking the strong, bipartisan border bill, which can deliver more.”

According to Mayor Eric Adams, New York City has spent $1.45 billion on



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