NY State Senators Urge Gov Hochul to Remove DA Bragg from Office for Releasing Migrants Who Attacked NYPD Officers - EVOL

State lawmakers in New York are calling on Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul to remove Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg from office after the rogue pro-crime prosecutor released a gang of illegal migrants without bail after they attacked NYPD officers.

Bragg is facing a widespread backlash over the move after videos of the shocking attack went viral around the world.

Many have highlighted Bragg’s ongoing prosecution of President Donald Trump which is being relentlessly pursued while crime runs rampant in New York City.

The New York Senate Republicans are now urging Gov. Hochul to remove Bragg from office over his “unconscionable handling” of the illegal migrant suspects in the violent mob attack, the New York Post reported.

Only a few of the roughly dozen suspects seen in the caught-on-video assault have been arrested.

However, all but one of the suspects was subsequently released from jail without any bail.

It is now believed that several of the released suspects have fled the state, with taxpayer-funded travel, to avoid any criminal charges brought belatedly in response to public pressure on the prosecutor.

In the letter sent Tuesday to Hochul signed by 19 GOP state senators, the lawmakers wrote:

“Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s



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