NY AG Letitia James Sues World’s Largest Beef Producer for Failing ‘Net Zero’ Pledge – EVOL

New York’s Democrat Attorney General Letitia James has just filed a lawsuit against JBS USA over claims the company has failed to meet its so-called “Net Zero” pledge.

The get-Trump prosecutor accuses JBS, the world’s largest beef producer, of allegedly contributing to “global greenhouse gas emissions” as “families continue to face the daily impacts of the climate crisis.”

In an announcement, James blasted the agriculture industry and argued that beef production has the largest “greenhouse gas footprint” of any major food commodity.

The NY AG also claimed that animal agriculture accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

According to James, JBS is failing to comply with various “Net Zero” pledges for 2030 and 2040.

Ironically, James argues that it is “not feasible” for JBS to meet the “Net Zero” goals given the scope of its worldwide beef production operations.

“As families continue to face the daily impacts of the climate crisis, they are willing to spend more of their hard-earned money on products from brands that are better for the environment,” James said in a statement.

“When companies falsely advertise their commitment to sustainability, they are misleading consumers and endangering our planet.”

“JBS USA’s greenwashing exploits the pocketbooks



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