North Korea Debuts Rocket Launchers That Appear As Civilian Trucks

The War Zone

Rocket launchers masquerading as civilian trucks are the latest sign of the times as concealment becomes more critical on the battlefield.


North Korea’s latest weapon system puts a new spin on the age-old concept of camouflage.

In its latest parade through Pyongyang’s Kim Il-Sung Square marking the 75th Anniversary of North Korea’s founding, the Worker-Peasant Red Guards paramilitary force unveiled a fleet of multiple rocket launchers disguised as civilian trucks. The box trucks and dump trucks had 12 tubes each of what appeared to be 122mm artillery rockets deployed via their pop-up and slide door roofs. The dump truck crews even sported yellow hardhats with their rifles. 

Fake dump trucks that can have rocket artillery concealed inside. KCNA

The parade heavily featured the paramilitary force, with a fleet of tractors pulling rocket-launchers and anti-tank guided missiles on trailers. North Korea displayed similar systems towing guided missile launchers in the same parade two years ago. The tractors are a clear representation of a very real North Korean operational tactic — using these civilian instruments for all-out war should a conflict kick off. This heavy weaponry also underlines how North Korea’s “civil defense” possesses significant firepower.

Civilian tractors were seen pulling



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